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Connect with 20,000 New

Qualified Prospects!


Epidemic markets your business to your exact qualified prospective customers, FAST! This is not email marketing to your existing client base, this is email marketing to 20K completely new qualified prospects that fit your exact customer profile.


We begin by discussing with you 'what makes a great customer for your business', we then filter our 200 million intelligent email database, using 325 smart filters, to identify your 20,000 exact qualified prospects. 


Next, we develop and deploy weekly emails and newsletters on your behalf to your 20K qualified prospects (that's 80,000 emails a month). Our emails are tested and proven to deliver results. Your brand awareness is almost instant and best of all…...with your Qualified Prospects! 


It doesn't matter if you are looking for decision makers in businesses or if your company caters to consumers, they are all in our database.


We do all the work; you just receive the leads. With a 95.3% delivery rate and 25,000,000 emails delivered every week we are the experts.


Are you interested? Let's talk about 'what a great customer for your business looks like' and how we can get you results, fast. Schedule your demo with an expert today.



 Smart Data Filters for Consumers & Businesses

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Our Clients LOVE Us!

-We Get Results-


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