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Who do Business Owners call for help?

Their Marketing Team!

You know that digital marketing is important and that you should be leveraging it. But what you don’t know, is exactly what’s working so far, where you’re throwing money, what you need to produce and where it needs to be published, and which focus keywords and topics you should be attacking until you own them.


That’s where the Snapshot comes in. It’s quick, painless, and astronomically valuable.

Receive your FREE Marketing Analysis Snapshot Report




Don't feel in the dark when it comes to your business investment. Start by identifying your specific marketing needs, and gain access to a proven system to win new clients and build a highly profitable business.


What is your Marketing Analysis Snapshot Report?


  •  Our Snapshot report is a complimentary 8-page look into how your business marketing funnel is currently performing when it comes to all the important areas Google cares about. The report will also share helpful tips to greatly increase your Google results.  An Epidemic Online Marketing Expert will walk you through the report, discuss your specific needs and share our proven approach to Online Greatness!



  Find out the answers to these questions:


  • Is your business listed accurately where it counts?

  • How do customers feel about your business?

  • What sites should your business be on?

  • How do you compare with industry standards?

  • Are your social media accounts effective?


 Get all this and more....

Services that Bring You Up to Speed

Take Your Business from 0 to 60

Our team is tasked with staying ahead of the curve. We do the research so you don’t have to, and we evaluate new marketing technologies for early adoption and deployment.  We upgrade you and all of our clients right away with the latest and greatest so you’re always on the fast track to success.

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Premium Websites

Your website is your new front office.  Does it make a strong, positive first impression?  Is it easy to navigate, inviting, up-to-date and informative?  

From building a new website to bringing a dated website into the modern era, Epidemic works with you to help you look your best 24/7.  


Directory Listings

How can you be everywhere your clients are looking?  Directory listings boost your visibility in every possible way, but too many businesses are failing to get listings and accuracy checks in industry-critical directories. 

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Client Testimonials

How many times have clients told you that they value your services - but you didn't get it in writing?  Never miss another chance!   Our proven review generation and filtering system builds fair, positive reputations.    


Promo Videos

Become newsworthy with professional, dynamic videos that showcase your services and business in the best possible light.

Businesses with Promo Videos:

• 53x more likely to appear in Google search results
• 98% of potential clients watch to learn more about the business
• 7x more likely to be shared or liked by Facebook users

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Social Media

Where are your potential customers spending most of their time? On social media! We’ll curate weekly posts that show clients your personality, expertise, and experience.  Be where clients spend their time online.   


Support Services

While you're scaling your business, let us take care of the marketing day-to-day.  We'll ensure that your website is up-to-date, your social media accounts are engaging and active, your ads are bringing you clients, and your reputation is protected online through timely online client feedback.

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Ready to Get Up to Speed?

Business at Your Full Potential

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