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Get Paid For Your Referral

5-Star Rated Services!

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At Epidemic we LOVE Referrals & we REWARD you for sharing them!
To thank you for referring business owners to Epidemic, we give you one month FREE of services for every business that you refer that then decides to move forward and work with Epidemic.  We appreciate your confidence and we share in the win-win.
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Submit Your Referral Here
or Call us at 512.582.9002 with any referrals.
Please include your referral's contact information (business name, email and phone) in the 'message' portion of this form. The name, email and phone number fields below should be yours. Thank you!

Success! Message received. We will be in contact with you shortly.

Who is a good referral?  
Any local business owner that is looking to grow or expand their business is a great referral.

What do I need to do?
Simply Email or Call us with the referral and we’ll take it from there.  The best referrals are ones where you mention to the business owner that you think Epidemic can help them and give them a heads up that Epidemic will be in contact.  You then simply pass their information on to us.

Is there a limit to the # of business owners I can refer?  
There is not a limit.  We do receive a lot of referrals, however we respond quickly to referral requests and we give you a month free of services for every referral we receive that then decides to moves forward & work with us.  It’s a win-win.

What is the process after I submit my referral to Epidemic?  
Within 24 hours an Experience Epidemic Account expert will call the referral to setup an agreeable time we can present a complete snapshot/marketplace review to the referral along with our specific solution to fill any needs that may exist.  Once the referral agrees to work with Epidemic we will notify you that your reward is on its way.
What are the price points for Epidemic’s Marketing Solutions?  
We are not a one size fits all company.  We offer programs, plans and strategies to work with every client's specific needs and budget.

When do I get my free month of services?
Your next month of services will be on us.
How do I submit my referral(s)?  
Simply Email (, fill out the form on this page, or Call us at 512.582.9002 with any referrals. 
Please make sure to include:
1.    Your Name and Contact info (including mailing address to send your check)
2.    The name of the business you are referring to Epidemic
3.    The business owner's name
4.    The business owner's Phone number & Email address (if you have it).
5.    Any pertinent information you feel we should know about the business.
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